Flawless & Accurate

The 7001 flawlessly and accurately recreates musical recordings. Its tonal quality is amazingly clean and transparent revealing the smallest details and resolution. You will experience velvety smooth high frequencies, abundant and realistic mid range and powerful and solid bass. You will be astonished by the dynamics of the 5.25” driver, and thoroughly enjoy the unprecedented musical experience this speaker brings you.

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A near field monitor can most accurately reproduce musical recordings and our 7001 speakers do just that.


Horn Loaded Aluminium Ribbon Tweeter

The tweeter in 7001 is an aluminium ribbon tweeter coupled with a horn. Extensive testing had gone into this proprietary tweeter design with a 65mm long ribbon. This aluminium ribbon is extremely lightweight and has long excursion. It acts both as a diaphragm and voice coil therefore has no delay on the signal's output. It has quick transient response, high sensitivity and minimum phase distortion. The horn design also helps to create a wide and deep musical stage with complete control. The combination of the two gives the 7001 tweeter its flawless and outstanding performance.


5.25” Aluminium Diaphragm Neodymium Mid-Woofer

The 5.25 mid and low frequency driver in the 7001 uses 0.2mm thick aluminum cone, 50mm diameter large voice coil, two layers of neodymium magnet all housed in a rigid die-cast aluminum chassis uniquely shaped to allow quickest heat dissipation. All components were carefully chosen and put together in house with highest quality requirement to guarantee ample magnetic driving force and control. This long-throw speaker driver gives the 7001 the superior ability to execute music so what you hear is full, detailed mid range and powerful and deep bass with great transient response and minimum distortion.

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Cabinet Construction

The cabinet is a sealed design with a 6.5” aluminum passive radiator. The mass of this radiator is carefully calculated to provide bass and control; in the meantime effectively reducing wind noise.

Other Features

... 5.25” Aluminium Diaphragm Neodymium Mid-Woofer
... Speaker cable provided by renowned silver cable brand “TRANSPARENT”
... Horn Loaded Aluminium Ribbon Tweeter
... 6.5” Aluminium Passive Radiator


2 Way Monitor Loudspeaker
Driver LF:
5.25 inch Woofer Aluminum Cone, Neodymium motor 50mm Voice Coil
8 Ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power
100~500 Watt
3 KHz
Speaker Net Weight
32 KG (70.7 lbs)
Aluminium Front with Piano Black Body
Stand Dimensions (HxWxD)
615x300x450 (mm) / 24.2x11.8x17.7 (inch)
Frequency Response
49Hz-40KHz +/-3dB
85 dB (1 Watt @ 1M)
Stand Net Weight
14.5KG (32 lbs)
Speaker Dimensions (HxWxD)
420x250x420 (mm) / 16.5x9.8x16.5 (inch)
Drivers HF:
Horn Loaded Neodymium Ribbon Tweeter