A300 Pro

A300 Pro


A300 Pro Active Speaker

The overwhelmingly positive response for the A800 inspired us to expand this unique idea to a more cost-effective model to suit the budget of the majority audio lovers. We wanted to incorporate the acoustic design of the A300 bookshelf and the electronic design in the A800 wood horn speaker to create a powerful bookshelf system with 6.5 woofers. And that’s how the Airpulse A300 Pro was born!

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The cabinet design is finished with a conservatively elegant walnut wood veneer. Sonically, it has the same horn-loaded aluminum ribbon tweeter but an improved 6.5-inch aluminum cone, low distortion woofer compared to its predecessor. The depth of the cabinet was increased to provide more extended low frequencies too.


Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter

Our uniquely designed horn-loaded aluminum ribbon tweeter in the A300 Pro delivers to the audience every corner of wide space with airy and harmonically pleasing high-frequency musical notes. Listeners experience-rich, articulate, and evenly distributed high-frequency sound that does not fade out with distance. The aluminium ribbon tweeter is characterized by its extremely lightweight diaphragm. The ribbon functions as both the diaphragm and the voice coil all in one which has no output delay. Instead, it has an instant transient response, a large vibration area, small phase distortion, and high sensitivity. Forward distribution of sound field yields better axis shifting. The impedance of the aluminum ribbon is almost as constant as the DC impedance, leading to a very high-frequency response in the corresponding range. The carefully calculated horn shape modifies and optimizes the directivity of this aluminum ribbon tweeter. It ensures that the high-frequency distribution is consistent with all listeners regardless of their position. This even distribution mode is not affected by the reflection characters of the room so that the high-frequency notes are more articulate and three-dimensional. The perfect combination of aluminum ribbon tweeter and horn design gives the audience a new and unprecedented listening experience.


6.5” Aluminium Cone Low Distortion Mid-Woofer

The A300 Pro’s 6.5-inch woofer uses a high-strength magnesium-aluminum diaphragm and an underhung magnetic circuit design. It is supported by a 50mm diameter voice coil and an oversized, high-energy magnet. Combined with a cleverly designed heat dissipation mechanism, this woofer has the lowest distortion and highest level of dynamics, delivering clean low frequencies that are richly detailed, and deeply extended. The cast aluminum chassis provides strong structural support for the woofer. The strengthened aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm effectively reduces the segmentation vibration and ensures that virtually all sound details are fully revealed. The underhung designed 50mm diameters flat-wire voice coil paired with oversized neodymium Iron-boron magnet sandwiched between two thick steel plates, provide dynamic force, and a large magnetic gap, which produces a symmetrical and linear magnetic field. Movement of the voice coil is completely immersed in this magnetic field, which greatly reduces harmonic distortion, resulting in a superior low-frequency performance. The coupling of the voice coil and the aluminum diaphragm helps the voice coil to dissipate heat quickly. It forms a perfect heat dissipation system with a specially designed heat sink to reduce thermal dynamic compression and enables the speaker to maintain high-level playback for a long period of time. The meticulous design, precision manufacturing, and fine-tuning by using the KLIPPEL electro-acoustic analysis system, all contribute to the extraordinary dynamic and low distortion performance of the A300 Pro woofer that is largely responsible for the excellent performance of the entire system.

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Fully digital amplifier

The power supply and amplifiers in the left and right speaker of the A300 Pro is completely symmetrical. Each speaker has an internal 150W high-efficiency, low-ripple switching power supply. Using a Texas Instrument digital power amplifier TPA3251, each cabinet has woofer output power no less than 120W and tweeter output at 10W. The speakers also use the XMOS xCore200 multi-core processor and Texas Instruments’ TLV320AIC3268 digital processor. The interconnection of the left and right speaker uses KleerNet wireless transmission technology. It uses Qualcomm QCC3031 series 5.0 Bluetooth chipset and supports AptX HD high-fidelity codec so that Bluetooth technology can be used with minimal signal loss.

Other Features

... A 16-core Audio Processor based on XMOS xCore200 architecture
... Ultra-Low Distortion Signal Processing And Amplification System
... Internal Wiring Made By Transparent
... Two Digital Inputs Support up to 192kHz
... Two Analog Inputs with High Quality ADC
... Qualcomm’s Bluetooth V5.0 chipset CSR8645
... Wireless signal distribution utilizing proprietary KleerNet technology ensures lossless transmission of audio signal


Cabinet Size
(WxHxD)225 x 385 x 350mm
Signal-Noise Ratio
Gross Weight
29.4Kg (65lbs)
Frequency Range
L/R(Treble):10W+10W, L/R(Woofer): 120W+120W
Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter
Main Voltage
100-240 V AC/50-60 Hz
6.5 inch Aluminum Cone Underhung Design Mid-Woofer
Input Mode
AUX, USB, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth. Balance Input, Unbalance Input
Input Sensitivity
Balanced:1100±50mV, Unbalanced: AUX:700±50mV, USB:550±50mFFs, Optical:500±50mFFs Coaxial:500±50mFFs, Bluetooth:500±50mFFs
Amplifier System
Digital Amplifier With Xmos Processor
Net Weight
25.6Kg (56.6 lbs)