No one can compete with the Airpulse A100 active speaker at the same price.

20 August 2019

No one can compete with the Airpulse A100 active speaker at the same price.


Less than 20,000 yuan, you can buy such a rich feature and powerful performance, who can be more heart-felt than the Airpulse A100 active speaker! 

The Airpulse A100 treble is made of aluminum ribbon, which is almost the same price belt. The aluminum belt is treble and adopts a horn load design, which improves the coupling ability of the diaphragm and the air, and also optimizes the directivity and greatly improves the efficiency. The mid-woofer unit is also unambiguous. It is equipped with a 5-inch aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm. The voice coil has a diameter of 35mm. It has high dynamic and low distortion performance under the support of high-performance magnetic circuit system and excellent heat dissipation. The aluminum belt treble and aluminum-magnesium mid-bass are driven by 10 watt and 40 watt independent amplifiers to provide superior sound separation. 

The A100 offers a very rich set of features. In addition to the two sets of RCA stereo inputs with different sensitivity, there are also fiber optic and USB inputs, and even the Bluetooth transmission function is ready. The A100 is also equipped with a subwoofer output for connecting an active subwoofer for a more complete low frequency performance. In the cabinet part, the A100 builds a sturdy speaker with an MDF of 18mm thick, which reduces the resonance and sound of the cabinet and achieves the foundation of sound quality. The appearance of high-quality paint processing is not comparable to similar products. What's more, the A100's internal wiring actually uses the US TRANSPARENT wire , which is even more curious about the extent to which the A100's sound performance can be excellent.